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Title: 3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Amazon Product Reviews in 2022

Throughout most of Amazon’s lucrative history, there has consistently been one metric of success to help sellers generate more sales: product reviews. Simply put, the more five and four star reviews your product generates, the easier it is to sustain and scale success.

Feb 7, 2022

Advanced software tools for merchants to: boost their businesses, automate email campaigns, improve seller feedback, get more product reviews, easily

The best way to get more Amazon product reviews is to have standout products, a ton of happy customers, and an excellent track record. But it takes quite a bit of time to build that kind of reputation.

So, here are three easy ways you can increase your Amazon product reviews today. 

3 Ways to Drive Amazon Product Reviews

1.   Use Product Inserts to Ask For Reviews

A product insert is a small piece of paper or card that contains marketing material about your products/services.It is usually the size of a business card or a postcard. These printed marketing materials are usually added to the packages at the factory.

Product inserts are able to communicate the plus points of your services directly to the buyer. A simple printed statement like “We would love to hear from you!” can significantly increase your chances of getting a review.

When you package your products, include an eye-catching insert that asks people to leave reviews. Use bright colors and visually compelling photography. Be genuine. Make it simple, and give them instructions of how to leave a review on Amazon.

Make sure you ask for a review neutrally and that your solicitation does not violate Amazon’s TOS. Amazon prohibits inserts that ask customers specifically for positive reviews, and/or try to discourage negative reviews by telling the customer to contact them instead.

Here are some solid product insert examples to help you with your next product insert campaign.

2.  Amazon’s Request a Review Button

In late Q4 of 2019, Amazon introduced the “Request a Review” Button in Seller Central — a way for sellers to ask customers for reviews outside the traditional buyer-seller messaging system.

​​The Amazon Request a Review Button appears on the order page allowing AmazonSellers to request both seller feedback and a product review request in the same message through the Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging system. The customer receives the message in their email.  The message sent to the customer is not customizable and is an Amazon created template.

The Request a Review Button functionality is extremely limited (and time-consuming) when compared to the customizable campaigns of third-party email automation software for Amazon sellers (more on that later). For sellers with more than just a few products in their inventory, using the built-in Request a Review button in Amazon Seller Central simply isn’t scalable.

Luckily, there’s now a solution that combines the benefits of an automated email campaign with the best features of Amazon’s Request a Review button – without a browser extension.

​​Amazon sellers now have the ability to fully automate the functionality of Amazon’s Request a Review Button without the unnecessary addition of browser extensions. With this feature, sellers now have the ability to combine the biggest advantages of Amazon’s button with the ease, automation, and analytics sellers expect in 2022.

FeedbackWhiz users can easily set this functionality up in minutes, and simply watch the reviews roll in over the coming days and weeks. It’s what we call “set it and forget it” as there’s no action required from users once the campaign is created.

3.  Automated Amazon Email Campaigns

Product inserts are personalized and cost-efficient, but packaging each product takes quite a bit of time. The Request a Review Button is cost-efficient, but even automating that functionality doesn’t deliver a unique customer experience. Wouldn’t it be terrific if there were a truly scalable solution that added a flair of personalization?

An Amazon email automation tool can help you maximize the amount of Amazon product reviews you receive on your products while automating the process to save you valuable time. With a tool like FeedbackWhiz, you’re able to customize the message you’d like to send within the Buyer-Seller Messaging rules - or using our pre-built Amazon TOS compliant templates - and then automate the send for maximum efficiency,

Another unique feature that FeedbackWhiz provides is the ability to create campaigns based on highly specific customer behavior. Using simple drop-down menus, you can personalize campaigns to target specific demographics of your clientele. FeedbackWhiz subscribers can focus outreach campaigns based on product type, price, quantity, length of time since purchase and much more. 

And the best part? You can even prevent potentially negative reviews by setting up exclusions to omit orders based on refunds, returns, ASINS/SKUS, and more from your active email campaigns.


Drive More Product Reviews by Working Smarter, Not Harder

At the end of the day, product reviews are a numbers game. More reviews means more sales.

An automated Amazon email tool helps you increase email conversion rates with advanced analytics, so make sure you check out great tools like FeedbackWhiz to help you generate more Amazon product reviews, improve and repair seller feedback, and fully scale your store with an in-depth review management strategy.

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Advanced software tools for merchants to: boost their businesses, automate email campaigns, improve seller feedback, get more product reviews, easily

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Advanced software tools for merchants to: boost their businesses, automate email campaigns, improve seller feedback, get more product reviews, easily

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